Meet the W.I.N. Mastermind tribe:

Learn, grow and connect together with heart-driven entrepreneurs from all over the world

How does it work?

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to do business from the heart?

Are you tired of the cold, fake business world... looking for real authentic heart-driven people who encourage each other and share their network and expertise?

In May 2019, WIN Mastermind Founder, networker and efficiency expert Alexander Keehnen first set out to unite purpose-driven givers in his tribe. Currently, a thriving community of 45 members in 14 different countries found in WIN their trusted support network.

WINners meet frequently for both offline and online events. We meet for meaningful conversations and focused masterminds. We exchange knowledge and ideas, provide feedback, encourage each other, refer clients, help each other out in all kinds of ways... simply walk the path of entrepreneurship and personal development together.

In this video, Alexander explains what to expect:

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Experience WIN Mastermind and discover if this is your tribe:

1. Virtual Mastermind session
2. 1-1 Consult with one of our Path Advisors

What is W.I.N. Mastermind?

We are a business network of the most pure, positive, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, each on a mission to improve the world.

Inside the network, members continuously share knowledge, referrals, warm introductions and encouragement. Because we believe we are all One.

Founder and CEO Alexander Keehnen explains what to expect:

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Experience the WIN Mastermind selection process:

1. Virtual Mastermind session
2. 1-1 Consult with one of our Guardian Angels

How paying members benefit from WIN Mastermind:

  • ​We give warm introductions to each other's ideal clients
  • ​​We focus on the positive and uplift each other's vibration
  • ​We form strategic partnerships to scale our businesses
  • ​We mentor each other and share our expertise
  • ​Our international network helps businesses expand abroad
  • ​We give and receive honest feedback
  • ​We work on our personal development together
  • ​We have meaningful conversations about other topics than only business (purpose, death, fears, private challenges, relationships) 

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you are probably looking to...

  • Meet the right strategic partners who help you grow and scale your business
  • ​Be surrounded by positive peers who uplift your vibration
  • ​Find the best strategies and most effective distribution channels to share your products and services with the world 
  • ​Have a trusted network whom you can ask for whatever you desire (new leads, introductions to strategic partners, solutions to current challenges)
  • ​Learn and grow continuously
  • ​Have meaningful conversations with others who are living their divine purpose
  • ​Have fun and enjoy this wonderful ride called "life"!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

  • You are open-minded and willing to continuously learn and grow
  • ​You have a strong desire to make a big positive impact
  • ​You are willing to share your network and expertise with other entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact
  • ​You uplift the people around you
  • ​You are willing to invest in your relationships
  • You are only in business to earn money
  • ​You are only focused on what you can get 
  • ​You are unable or unwilling to invest in your business and/or personal growth

Welcome to a new era in business:

Community and cooperation

WIN Mastermind is a purpose-driven business network which transforms lives.

All of our members:

  • Meet the right strategic partners who help you grow and scale your business
  • ​Are on a mission to create a sustainable and conscious world
  • ​Live on purpose and see themselves as an instrument of the Universe to do good
  • ​Are continuously growing as a person
  • ​Are natural "givers"
  • ​Are here to serve and love!

Let's pioneer a new paradigm in business:
the era of collaboration and abundance

How WINners collaborate with other WINners

In May 2019, Alexander started WIN Mastermind with a dream, an open heart and zero euros in his pocket. The driving idea: if we can create an exclusive business club for purpose-driven givers... it must be the most powerful (and most fun) growth machine in the world. Right?
Fast forward: we now have 45 awesome members (vetted and validated givers) and indeed, magic is happening!

A few examples:
• Jennifer will be teaching at Martina's revolutionary virtual school
• Jochem interviewed both Mikko and Romy for his podcast. Pim interviewed Bwerani and Steve... and many more exchanges are taking place
• Rob and Leo partnered up to design a habit journal as an add-on to Leo's workshop offering
• Ambra is supporting Reinier in a major app development project
• Bart wanted to sell his first business and Gustavo supported him in the process
• Jan helped several WINners get clear on their ideal client definition
• Odin found purpose-driven clients through WIN Mastermind (so he can stop servicing his previous money-driven clients)
• Hannah's LinkedIn article reached thousands of people because her fellow WINners liked, shared and commented
• Rupert supported Alexander in building the club's membership area, which includes the Knowledge Vault and the Diamond Pages 

... these are just a few examples, because every week, new referrals, tips, strategies, collaborations and ideas are shared.

The introduction process consists of two main steps:

 1) 1-hour Virtual WIN Mastermind Call (facilitated by Alexander)

10-minute personal hot seat to receive support on what you need most in your business right now
Expand your network:
meet 3-5 purpose-driven peers who are also on a mission to improve the world 

Meet your "Guardian Angel" for a 1-1 consult to understand in detail how far WIN Mastermind will go in supporting your growth

 2) Personal Consult with one of our 
Path Advisors

Purpose of the Consultation:

  • To clarify your vision, your business goals and your strategic askings
  • ​To understand W.I.N.'s services and how the community will support your growth
  • To find out whether W.I.N. Mastermind is the right business club for you

What's Included in WIN Mastermind selection process?

 INCLUDED: 1) 1-hour virtual WIN Mastermind call (facilitated)

Receive support on what you need most in your business right now
Connect with 3-5 purpose-driven peers who are also on a mission to improve the world 

Meet your "Guardian Angel" and see if you qualify for a W.I.N. membership

Total Value Of The Call: €97

 INCLUDED: 2) Experience a Personal Consultation with one of our 
"Guardian Angels"

Our Goal As a WIN Family:

  •  To clarify your vision, your business goals and your "askings" 
  • ​To understand how the W.I.N. community can support you
  • To investigate whether W.I.N. Mastermind is the right business network for you

Total Value Of Personal Consultation: €197

Total Value You Get: €297

Here's the best part! 

If you register right now we will give you 1-hour virtual WIN Mastermind call, Personal Consultation with one of our "Guardian Angels" and will guide you through entire selection process completely for FREE!

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Experience the WIN Mastermind introduction process:

1. Virtual Mastermind session
2. 1-1 Consult with one of our ​Path Advisors


"Found ideal client" - Odin

"Great Concept" - Michael

"Great people and great connections"
- Cindy

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